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We celebrate your struggles and journey in the most colorful way possible.

Founders Friday

To celebrate the Founder in You! :)

This is an agenda free, action intensive, high on ideas event that includes crowd pitching to validate your ideas, your early adopters too , its basically a networking event wherein you can find and connect with founders, co-founders, and technical experts from the ecosystem. Outcomes of this event you can give your feedbacks and suggestions on a idea and not only help yourself by gaining experience but also at the same time helping a person solve the issue that he/she was facing. In this event you can share your ideas, art and suggestions openly without fearing being laughed at or judged by someone, because we at this event make sure that no-one is judged based upon their opinions and perspective.

Crowd Pitching

Test your ideas in the Real World

Through Crowd pitch in our flagship events, many companies have validated their solution and have made the necessary changes to attract the audience. These events have been a learning mechanism for many, people are loving the community that has been created by it.

Business Showers

Launch with us in STYLE :)

Business showers are ice-breaking celebration parties, which announces one’s entry into being a business owner, entrepreneur or a co-founder of a start-up while ostentatiously rejoicing in being one’s own boss! We as a family member, friend, colleague, or a peer mark our presence in such parties imparting our best wishes in the form of gifts, supplies or even money to help & support the person meet the huge expenses in the starting phase of their startup journey.

Founders Session

Where inspirational founders share their story

Founder's session is our exclusive event where we bring industry experts and Successful Founders From the ecosystem to share their journey and to inspire young entrepreneurs by setting the right expectations. Stories provide meaning, create context and evoke a sense of purpose. Most humans are more receptive to stories than compared to facts or data as stories help us relate, empathise and remember. This is why we conduct exclusive workshops frequently wherein the student entrepreneurs can meet with them and ask them questions and get motivated.

Women's Founders Friday

To celebrate the strong and empowered women around the city

Women founders, are a popular topic of conversation in the evolving society. This is not only about promoting equality but helping more women break into the entrepreneurship ecosystem. This event won't be for opinion pieces around equality but it will be to celebrate the fantastic women that are breaking glass ceilings all over the world. They can inspire the next generation of women entrepreneurs, and it is an important part of the dialogue to promote awareness of these fantastic entrepreneurs making their mark. More than that, these women are entrepreneurs. We can all afford to learn from their successes, and failures, to help us progress. Their wealth of knowledge, and understanding of the hurdles ahead, from a woman perspective.


EdVenture Park - Exclusive

We find ways to celebrate our family :)

Demo Day

Showcasing our graduates with Pride!

Demo day is the graduation day for all of the startups involved in EdVenture Park. It's an event where we celebrate these young entrepreneurs building real life solutions for real life problems. This is what we do at EdVenture Park, integrate solutions for life problems and make the world a better place to live, we celebrate that on demo day!

Alumni Meet

To Learn from our senior founders

You'll always be a part edventure park, we never say goodbye to any of our Incubates. Alumini meet is one of our exclusive special event for all the graduated Incubates, present Incubates and pre-incubates to share, learn and connect with each other.

Info Sessions

A Doorway to Entrepreneurship

Opportunity doesn't always knock, you'll have to create the door. We at Edventure Park onboard more colleges and student Entrepreneurs by holding infosessions at college. Often, students are ill-acquired with the knowledge of starting up, we provide that gap and let them know how easy and important it is through these infosessions. Students always tend to have ideas to solve a problem, they just lack proper guidance and support to make it happen, through our infosessions, they get to know that Edventure park is there to guide and support them always.


A family that works together celebrates together

At Edventure Park, we believe in a rule to become a family while working on our ideas. And family is always together in tough times and good times irrespective of any situation, we celebrate these companies launching before the demo day through a PotLuck. Everyone gets their hands dirty with cooking and brings a home made speciality dish and all of us indulge in it, that's the culture of Edventure Park, no matter your caste, religion or race, we believe in making things happen with fun and potluck is a subset of it


Growing Stronger Together Everyday.

Edventure Park is the most happening incubator in India as per statistics and the love towards it, one main reason behind it is the culture of Edventure Park. When someone walks into Edventure Park, they always feel the positive energy and productive vibes around them from everyone. Edventure Park is a complete non judgement destination where everything is possible. If an individual says something very ambitious or out of the box, no one laughs at them, but sit down with them and reverse engineer on how that's going to happen. That's the culture of Edventure Park where nothing is impossible but with the zeal to make things happen, anyone can be what they want to be!