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India's First student-focussed startup incubator (non-academic)

Also, India's Fastest Incubator to have incubated 100+ Startups in just 18 months!!
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Why Choose EdVenture Park?

Unlike any other incubator across the nation, We provide a program specially curated for the needs of students. We have introduced the concept of the pre-incubation program where we give opportunities to anyone who comes in with just an idea and We aim to help you build it into a reality. The community, culture and the program is pretty exquisite and We have alot of fun in the process.

Guidance & Support

Personalised & Ondemand Support. Whatever You need, We have got you covered.

Tailor Made Incubation Program

We take immense pride in claiming that we are the first incubator to have a Pre-Incubation Program, specially curated for you.

Exclusive Workshops

Exclusive workshops only for our incubatees where they get hands on real time experience about their ideas and how to tackle the hurdles.

What is EdVenture Park?

EdVenture Park is a student-focused idea stage startup incubator which aims to empower student led startups through an intensive 4 month pre Incubation programme. This pre incubation programme is specially curated for students and as per their schedule.

Any student having an entrepreneurial idea can apply for the Pre Incubation Program at EdVenture Park where we will be working with those student entrepreneurs, taking them through the fundamental tracks of building a company, organising exclusive sessions/workshops and giving them all the support & guidance they need for them to take their idea to the next level. Students can experiment with their ideas and have an opportunity of starting their own company while still in college.

Pre-Incubation Program

A 13 week long structure and intensive program, where the startups work on their ideas and build their MVP(Minimum Viable Product) through a series of 8 tasks and interactions with the mentors from the ecosystem!

Incubation Program

After the Pre incubation programme, selected companies move to the Incubation Program. In 3 months, Edventure Park helps you figure out the product market fit of your solution and attract investors to scale up your business!

Acceleration Program

After the Incubation programme, the solutions which are created by the incubatees are accelerated and scaled onto the next level. In these 2 months long period, Growth hacking, marketing strategies and different tactics are used to accelerate the business of the startup.

Student Startups

Student Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

Colleges Onboarded

What to Expect

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    Online Application

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    Interview with the panel

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    Welcome to EdVenture Park


Our startups get the opportunity to run a pilot program with our host institution with access to over 30,000 students and nearly 91 educational institutions.


Personalized. On Demand. At Edventure park, we want your startup to be a fundamentally right company, and we guide you likewise.


An ideation stage startup requires support to shape their idea in the right way. Whatever you need. We got you covered.

Exclusive Workshops

Selected incubatees at Edventure Park get exclusive Workshops which are market oriented.

Real Time Investor Pitches

Edventure park has a pool of investors ready to invest in companies, Meet the professionals.

Global Connect

With our global network and public events, your solution can touch millions of people

Market Access

Any market niche, we connect you with the right person for you to tap into your market.

Our Companies

We aim to build fundamentally Right Companies.

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Want to contribute to writing History with EdVenture Park?

Be the CEO of EdVenture Park at your respective college and become a part of the journey of 25+ innovative startups. APPLY NOW!


Life at EdVenture Park

Mohammed Zaifuddin Zumair

Founder & CEO - INV PLASTOCONS pvt ltd.

From Just an idea to an incorporated company, from just a student to a founder and the CEO of a company with proper guidance and support throughout the journey of pre-incubation and incubation program it wasn't possible without edventure park. The journey of edventure park was full of fun, learning new things and filled with hurdles but at every step we learn to tackle them, from becoming the first company of edventure park to get the term-sheet at the pre-incubation stage itself and with wonderful opportunity to be a part of edventure park as a X team member completely changed my vision.

Azhar Mohiuddin

CEO - BioReform pvt ltd

Nothing comes easy, proper guidance & mentoring is extremely important specially in the initial days of your startup journey. This is one of the best things that we got here at Edventure park that helped us a lot, along the way. It was a great journey at Edventure park with lots of learning, hustling, fun, ups/downs & execution. We're grateful & honoured to be the first edventure park company to crack incubation program directly, get public's favourite 3 consecutive times in Founder's Friday pitch & the first company to raise X million in first round of investment from Edventure Park.

Samiksha Kandari

Incubatee - EdVenture Park

Firstly I am and always will be really thankful to Meraj sir and EVP's great team! Cause trust me after I have joined EVP I have found many positive changes in my personality. I have not only learned a lot from here but also gain a lot of confidence in myself that I can be and do anything I want in my life. Nothing is impossible you just need to try or learn it & the best part is nobody will judge you for your mistakes. This place is really not only making people's career but also their lives. By giving such positive environment, "Vo bolta hai na achi sangathe ma rahna sa apa bhi acha bana jate ho...." The time I spent in EVP is the best and most memorable & positive part of my life.

Syed Ali Qasim Khundmiri

CEO - iwater pvt ltd.

Starting up is hard, infact building a company is the toughest thing an individual can do in their life, it's important to have the right guidance and support backing you up so that they are there to pull you back up while you deviate and Edventure Park is exactly that platform, our company is what it is because if the support and love that Edventure park has given us. From sleepless night brainstorming on solutions to figuring out our PMF, it's been a journey of ups and down but only with Edventure Park being a constant in it. We can't thank the team of Edventure Park enough for giving us this opportunity and we will make sure to generate employment and do it for the betterment of India as a whole!

Abhinav Reddy

CEO - Rebate

Every great startup needs a great refinement process, and that's exactly what I have experienced in edventurepark. The world needs more entrepreneurs a.k.a job creators, and I believe that edventurepark is filling the gap by inspiring and preparing the youth of India to be just that. A place with a great community, great ideas and greater aspirations!!

Got Questions?

Reach out to us if you have any queries. We will be more than happy to answer.


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